Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Future, My Boy, Is Pomegranates!

Each day in this world people are succumbing to lung cancer, to breast cancer, to AIDS and other diseases that threaten and terrify the human race. While a plethora of scientists and doctors work diligently to eradicate these scourges from the planet there are others who are working hard so that mankind (okay, maybe just men) can also work hard.

It seemed like only yesterday that a group of pharmaceutical chemists in Kent, England, working on something that could aid in dealing with hypertension, stumbled across Sildenafil. Sadly, in the test trials it did very little for angina, but our scientists weren’t the least bummed out because they discovered something that apparently was far more important . . . the holy grail of erectile dysfunction medication. Yes it was the fall and rise of the chemists that we herald today in the form of Viagra, the little blue pill that men all over the world pop like Chiclets!

You would think that a discovery like this would bring to an end the need to keep searching for new ways that men can stand at attention. The blue pill is here, so we can turn all of our focus back on lung cancer, breast cancer and AIDS. But no, more work needs to be done. More discoveries need to be made.

Just recently it was announced that pomegranate juice can give men a boost in the bedroom. According to new research from scientists, a daily glass can act like Viagra. Nearly half the men who drank it for a month in the American study said they found it easier to rise to the occasion.

It is thought the juice is rich in antioxidants which increase blood supply to the penis. Just like drugs for impotence, the antioxidants raise levels of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessel walls.

To study these findings tests have to be made. Luckily, when it comes to erectile dysfunction there seems to be no shortage of people willing to be guinea pigs. In this occasion 53 volunteers aged 21 to 70 with mild to moderate problems below the human equator drank 8fl oz with their evening meal. Researcher Dr. Christopher Forest, of the University of California in Los Angeles, said, "Pomegranate juice has great potential in the management of erectile dysfunction."

Pomegranates have already been hailed a superfruit capable of reducing the risk of heart disease and preventing prostate cancer. The fruit is believed to have more antioxidants than any other juice, tea or red wine.

So there you have it – the latest medical breakthrough that apparently many have been waiting for. Of course, you know what this means don’t you? You know what you have to do? Remember back when Viagra came out and penises around the globe started to rise? So did the stock at Pfizer Pharmaceutical. Now is the time to call your broker and invest in pomegranates. That’s the future, my boy!

And that’s the Stuph – the way I see it.