Friday, March 21, 2014

What I Learned On The Web This Week - 035

In the 35th edition of What I Learned On The Web This Week, we learn the art of debating from a 3-year-old; play Rock, Paper, Scissors in traffic; enjoy a puppy rolling down a hill; and try to keep count of basset hounds.


Original material for this segment can be found at:

My 3 Year Old Must Argue And Debate Everything! -- Courtesy: Linda Beltran

Rock, Paper, Traffic Jam -- Courtesy: Fionnuala Bulman

Sophie Rolls Down a Hill - English Bulldog Puppy -- Courtesy: Kathryn Miller

Basset Hound Clown Car -- Courtesy: Gretchen Hoey

That’s the Stuph - the way I see it!


  1. This little guy is way too smart and about good negotiation skills....

  2. I think he learned from Daddy. He is too cute though.