Friday, September 19, 2014

What I Learned On The Web This Week - 060

In the 60th edition of What I Learned On The Web This Week, we meet a sweater wearing dog; do battle with toilet paper; enjoy roller coaster golf; give high fives; and take a little time to tan in traffic.


Original material for this segment can be found at:

Dog Vs Sweater -- Courtesy: bweed85

Another Victory For Fire Base Charmin And The TP6000 - Ambush Mom With Toilet Paper Gun -- Courtesy: Eric Cire

Golf Ball Roller Coaster -- Courtesy: Jake B

High Five New York -- Courtesy: AMK Productions

Man Tans On Car Roof In The Middle Of Main Street In Sydney -- Courtesy: Hektik Hektor

That’s the Stuph - the way I see it!

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