Friday, February 27, 2015

What I Learned On The Web This Week - 083

In the 83rd edition of What I Learned On The Web This Week, it's all about dealing with winter, from navigating through snow in heals; to trying not to slip while shoveling; to digging out from a massive storm; to swimming laps; to a pious snowball fight


Original material for this segment can be found at:

Girlfriend + Heels + Snow -- Courtesy: 3274MGM

Ridiculous Slip While Shoveling Snow -- Courtesy: Storyful

Moncton Snow Storm - 2 Men 1 Shovel - Time Lapse -- Courtesy: Doolang

Blizzard Snow Swimming | 45 inches in 2 weeks | Boston - Forever LSU -- Courtesy: Emily Weil

Monks Have a Snowball Fight in Jerusalem -- Courtesy: Colliosses

That’s the Stuph - the way I see it!

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