Thursday, July 5, 2007

Love is Blind and Often Dumb

H.L. Mencken once said, "To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia."

It’s amazing what some people will do in the name of love. People will lie for it, cheat for it, kill for it, die for it. But it’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye - twice!

A Hong Kong woman who blinded her boyfriend in one eye in a fight six years ago has been jailed for jabbing a chopstick into his other eye! Needless to say, he didn’t see that coming.

Last November, Po Shiu-fong, 58, accused long-time boyfriend Kwok Wai-ming, 49, of having an affair. During their argument Po stabbed a plastic chopstick into Kwok’s left eye, which she had already blinded six years ago when she poked it with her finger. Po became hysterical when she saw the recent wound and mopped it with a towel.

Let me take a moment here to address just the men who are reading because I want to get your thoughts on this. We’ve established that Kwok got a chopstick in the eye from his clearly irrational girlfriend - the same eye that this potential bunny boiler jabbed six years before. Having had your eye poked twice by the same person in the same decade, what would you do?

Frankly, I would be prone to at the very least, seek medical attention and while I was at the hospital see if there was a two-for-one bargain being offered where I could get my girlfriend the serious psychiatric help that she clearly needs. If that option were not available to me I would definitely remove all sharp objects from the house and perhaps duct-tape oven mitts onto my girlfriend’s hands. I certainly would not go to sleep, but that’s just me.

After the most recent eye gouging, Po and Kwok simply went to bed.

The next morning they had another argument in which she grabbed a chopstick and stabbed Kwok's right eye. Two days later - that’s right, 48 hours of probably stumbling into furniture - Kwok finally sought medical treatment and filed a police report against Po, whom he had dated since 1993. Apparently he didn't report the attack six years ago, telling the court his silence was "a love sacrifice."

Kwok lost 10-20% vision in his right eye. Po was jailed for six months. While Kwok may have lost some vision he is apparently finally seeing Po clearly. He was quoted as saying, "If I forgive her, God would not forgive me. No matter what, nothing could compensate for the loss of my eye."

Where was this rational thinking six years ago? Heck, where was it the night of the second poking when he just went to sleep?

In an attempt to be an equal opportunity blogger I think it’s only fair to bring you another story of irrational love. Women can be just as dumb in forgiving too quickly when it comes to love.

They say that true love always wins and I guess that’s correct – even if your husband held you hostage at gun point for ten hours. That was the fate of 35-year-old Christina Ribeiro whose estranged husband, Ribeiro da Silva, held her hostage at gunpoint on a bus in Rio De Janeiro along with dozens of passengers last year. But she's decided to take him back and said, "I forgave him out of love. I believe it was an irrational act and that we can resume our life in peace."

Gee, do you think she has some self esteem issues? Do you think the other passengers on the bus now want to track her down just to slap her real hard?

During the incident, he accused his wife of having cheated on him and threatened to kill her and then commit suicide. The two had been married for ten years and separated four months earlier

Well Christina may have to wait awhile for a happy reunion. Hubby could end up in jail. He was paroled from prison in late April and is awaiting trial. But I somehow get the feeling that Christina will be waiting for him. I am reminded of the eloquence of 15-year-old Little Peggy March who in 1963 said those immortal words:

I will follow him
Follow him wherever he may go,
And near him, I always will be
For nothing can keep me away,
He is my destiny.

I will follow him,
Ever since he touched my heart I knew,

There isn't an ocean too deep,
A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep me away, away from his love.

Apparently not even a bus load of panicky hostages can get in the way either.

That’s the Stuph - the way I see it.

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  1. Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke.
    -Lynda Barry